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Since you have arrived at our site, chances are that you are one of an increasing number of homeowners to realize that there is no logical reason to pay the commonly quoted traditional real estate fees to sell your home. Each day, the real estate industry is finding it more and more difficult to conceal the workings of the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) and get away with charging nonsensical commission rates. The positive change in public attitude towards discount real estate brokerage is occurring at an accelerated rate as homeowners educate themselves via the internet and demand to see a common sense correlation between the amount of work involved in selling a home, and the fees charged by the REALTOR® to perform the job.

How much you pay in real estate fees does not determine the sale price of your home. In fact, it is entirely possible that a traditional REALTOR® charging higher fees will achieve a lower sale price than a discount REALTOR® who charges less. Which REALTOR® you hire will have a substantial impact, positive or negative, on the net proceeds you take from the sale of your home. Traditional real estate agents want you to believe in the "pay more, get more" theory of real estate, which is simply not true.

Informed homeowners realize that many of the best and most experienced REALTORS® belong to reputable discount brokerages and consequently will influence their sale in a positive manner. These sellers recognize that all REALTORS®, from all real estate companies, have the same marketing plan... it's called the MLS® System. This is not to say that all traditional REALTORS® are bad because they may charge more, or that all discount REALTORS® are good because they charge less, only that in the end, the MLS® System will sell your home, not your listing agent. How well your REALTOR® negotiates your deal entirely depends on the quality of individual you hire, not what company he or she works for.

Unlike traditional real estate companies that generally charge the same commission rate for the same bundle of services, discount real estate companies offer a variety of MLS® System service options. Here at rhinorealty, we believe that some people have more time than others, some people have more money than others, and some people have more real estate savvy than others. So why treat them all the same? Our three flat fee MLS® Listing Service Plans offer homeowners savings, options and flexibility, a refreshing change from old-style traditional real estate.

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