Multiple Listing System

Thousands of REALTORS®... Hundreds of Real Estate Companies... One Common Marketing Platform... the Multiple Listing Service®!

All of our listing packages includes 100% exposure through the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®). Your property will appear in the proprietary database of your local real estate board for all REALTORS® to consider and on the public website

The Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) is a cooperative marketing system which allows licensed REALTORS® from all real estate companies (also called brokerages), to share information about residential real estate that is for sale. Regardless of which brokerage an agent works for, he or she accesses the same database through their local real estate board. After a REALTOR® has listed a property, they are required to load that listing into the database for all other REALTORS® to view and consider. Therefore, when you list your home with a REALTOR® on the MLS® System, you have immediately employed an army of salespeople to aid in the sale of your home.

Without rival, the MLS® System is the most powerful and effective marketing tool available to sell homes in Canada. REALTORS® from your local real estate board will be able to access your listing for consideration and recommendation to their buyers. Also, your listing will appear on, the most visited real estate website in Canada. Home buyers from across the country, and beyond, will be able to access and view your property with ease. Now, more than ever, the MLS® System is available to all types of home sellers, including those that wish to participate in the sale of their home with our For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Program.

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