Lockboxes & Automated Showing Feedback

A REALTOR® Key Lockbox is included in all of our listings. Confirm showings, provide secure key access, and easily obtain feedback!


By adding a REALTOR® key lockbox to your MLS® listing, you have the freedom to allow REALTORS® to book showings & show your home to their buyers the way they show all other listings, without you needing to be present. It makes REALTORS® and their buyers more comfortable when viewing your home, and doesn’t complicate your schedule.

Convenience and security are an added bonus of having a REALTOR® Key Lockbox throughout your sale. Never miss a showing just because you were unable to coordinate your own schedule to allow access to your property. Remember, many showing requests are for daytime hours when you may be at work, or on weekends when you may be away. And, it’s not a good idea to assume that buyers will reschedule. Many buyers have come from out of town for a limited time period, and will be unable to accommodate your schedule and end up buying another property. Additionally, for added security, your REALTOR® Key Lockbox allows us to determine which REALTOR® accessed your property, and the exact day and time that your home was accessed.


Our automated showing feedback system easily and efficiently helps you obtain feedback from real estate agents after they show your home. When selling, it’s important to know what buyers and buyer’s agents are thinking about your property. Showing feedback helps you make informed decisions about your listing throughout the selling process. After a REALTOR® shows your property, an automated email will be sent to that agent seeking feedback about the showing. REALTORS® will comment on how well priced you are compared to your competition, the condition or specific features of your home and make an indication of their buyer’s interest. This information will enable you to either “stay the course” or perhaps make some necessary changes to your listing.

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